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Beach and P&P Handicaps
It was in the winter 1972 when Michael Bailey "Mad Mike" knocked a golf ball on the beach of Estartit in Catalonia/Spain to practice bunker shots.
By coincidence he met another golfer, Vice Air Marshall Sir Roy Flawell and they started a golf competition.
A semicircle close to a bush became the Par 3 "Bush hole", an abandoned perambulator the Par 5 "Pram hole", the foundations of a de-rigged summer bar the Par 4 "Trident hole", and so on until they had designed a 9 hole golf course on the beach between Estartit and Los Griells.
Today, over 30 years later more than 50 members of the Estartit Sands Golf Club are playing the beach course during the winter period. Holes are marked by flags and consist of circles a club length in diametre. Only two irons are allowed, which have to be chosen carefully as there are obstructions and a river at the premises.

Webmaster: Olaf Hingst

UPDATE: 13/06/2015

Clubhouse: MAR I CEL
C/ Salines, 23
Tel.: 972 750 337



Norman Wray

June Joyce

Chris Harvey

5th Member:
Horst Coers

Lady Captain:
Mary Clark

Life President:
Liz Benfell

Chris Harvey



24 Team Stableford - best 2 to score
31 Individual stableford
7 Monthly medal
14 Texas Scramble
16 AWAY DAY St Cristina interested speak to Horst Coers
21 Medal – 3 players 2 best scores
24 AWAY DAY Torrimorona – speak to Lady Captain or Horst Coers
28 1st Tri playathon Mas Pagés followed by lunch
5 Monthly medal
12 Red Ball Comp
19 Individual stableford
26 2nd Tri playathon Gualta followed by lunch
2 Monthly medal
9 Team Stableford
16 Matchplay
23 3rd Tri playathon De Selva followed by lunch
30 Ind Stableford
7 Monthly medal
14 Texas scramble
21 Ind Matchplay
28 Ind Stableford
4 Monthly medal
11 Texas scramble
18 Team stableford
25 Ind Stableford
1 Monthly medal
8 Red Ball comp
15 Team stableford
21/22 2 day away at Falgos
22 Ind Stableford
29 Match play better ball in 4´s
6 Monthly medal
9 Possible AWAY day Montanya
13 Ind Stableford
20 Texas Scramble
27 Medal – memorial cup followed by lunch

ESGC Local Rules

1.Clubs. Play shall be conducted using 2 irons only (No woods, chippers or putters)

2.Holes. The starting hole for each group shall be determined by the committee on the day of play, depending on the number of people playing. There are

2 starting positions;- Holes 1 and 6. (see map) The hole shall be complete when the ball in play is stationary within a circle scribed one club from the marker designating the hole or resting in the groove of the circle. All players shall have completed the hole before the balls are removed from the circle.

3.Placing the Ball and teeing up. Through the beach the ball may be lifted, cleaned and placed within 1 clubs length but not nearer the flag without penalty. Teeing up of the ball is only allowed as follows:- 1. On the teeing ground by each player at the commencement of the hole. 2. After each stroke, when the ball has come to rest, a player may move the ball 1 clubs length no nearer the hole onto any elevated portion of sand to achieve a preferred lie, the player may NOT however, create their own elevation by means of hand moulded mounds or digging in of shoe heel or any other method. Penalty if seen for making artificial preferred lie – 1 shot.

4.Out of Bounds. A. The Sea. From the tee, if you think that your ball has been taken by the sea, play a provisional. On arrival at the point where your ball entered the sea if you can play your initial shot by moving the ball a clubs length no nearer the flag you can continue to play this ball, with no penalty. However, if this is not possible or that the sea has taken the ball, then you should play your provisional ball being 3 off the tee. If you think that you have entered the sea on any shot other than your tee shot, if you can play the ball by moving 1 clubs length then proceed with no penalty, if the ball is lost to sea, agree with playing partner where you think it went out, take a drop with 1 stroke penalty. B. 10 Metre line running parallel with the walkway as shown, any ball over the line is deemed out of bounds. Penalty. Tee-shot is stroke and distance, another ball to be played from the tee. Any other shot l stroke penalty, the ball shall be placed in bounds no nearer the flag. Ball in casual water past 10 mt line is OOB.

5.Lost Ball. A player will declare his ball lost if it is out of bounds or cannot be found after a search lasting no more than 3 minutes. A ball found after being declared lost is not in play anymore. Penalty, stroke and distance. Another ball shall be played from the place where the lost ball was originally struck.

6.Provisional Ball. A player may play a provisional ball at any time he has reason to think the ball in play may be lost. Should this be the case the provisional ball becomes the ball in play. Penalty, stroke and distance.

7.Sand Dunes adjacent to holes 6 & 9 OOB – ball NOT to be retrieved. Penalty l stroke - adjacent to point of entry, drop ball l clubs length no nearer the hole.

8.River Course – as defined by the changing shape of the river. Water Hazard. Penalty l stroke. Ball to be dropped as far back from hazard as wanted, in line with point of entry, with hazard between the player and the hole. As in any hazard you may attempt to play the ball as it lies for no penalty, but you must not ground the club before making the stroke.

9.Casual Water – This is defined as any water on the playing surface created by the flooding of the natural river course. ie the car park or separate puddles created by the river or sea which are not in contact with the actual river course or sea. The ball may be removed from the water and dropped l clubs length adjacent to the point of entry, no nearer the hole – NO Penalty.

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Carrer Santa Anna, 27
Tel.: 972 75 07 04
Open during summer season only !!
Prices : Between 8 € (T-shirt) and 15 € (Sweatshirt / Polo) - good quality!
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